Adios, Cowboy – Arc 2 – Day 10

Fuck me, I am tired. I’ve worked the equivalent of three days in the last two days, and…I can’t even think of something clever to say to finish this thought. That’s how done I am right now.

I managed to get 500 words written on Black Dog Serenade’s review when I got home from everything today. After that, I started writing variations on the same sentence and staring into the middle distance. Super productive.

This week has not been a great week in terms of getting anything done on this project. I dare say this week has been, creatively, pretty shitty. My hope is to salvage the situation this weekend because tomorrow is probably going to be write-off, as well.

So here’s the battle plan.

Saturday: Finish the review for Black Dog Serenade.

Saturday night: Watch episode 17.

Sunday morning: Second screening of 17.

Sunday night: Write 17 review and do manic final edits on episode 5 and 6 before they go live next week.

Even if I get all of that done, I’m still going to be way fucking behind where I was on the first arc. Damn it all to hell.

On a positive note, my review of Gateway Shuffle is one of my favourites from arc one. You should check it out.

Episodes Viewed23%
Drafts Written15%
Reviews in the Can0%

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