Adios, Cowoby – Arc 2 – Day 8

Destiny got the better of me last night. I made up for it tonight with a second screening of Black Dog Serenade, and a few pages of notes to shape the review that I will crank out tomorrow.

On a second blush, there is a lot more going on in this episode than meets the eye. Here’s the rub, not a lot of it makes sense. The story starts fraying at the seams with very little interrogation. However, now that we are seeing the show embracing connectivity between episodes, I have a feeling that there is something coming that is going to build on what is on display here. I would not be surprised if Spike and Jet have a deeper relationship than being shipmates on the Bebop. I have to believe the game is afoot at this point. If it is not, then I am going to be annoyed in extremis.

Am I allowed to say something is in extremis without Marvel trying to sue me? Before I gave up on Agents of SHIELD, they were constantly talking about extremis. Do they own that word in the same way that Games Workshop claims to own the words Space Marine?

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