Adios, Cowboy – Arc 1 – Day 25

The 10th episode of Cowboy Bebop is called Ganymede Elegy. This title, in addition to prepping the audience for the events of the episode, invites a pretentious jag off like yours truly to pull Ye Big Olde Book O’ Literary Wack-Wack off his bookshelf.

A run-of-the-mill wanker intent on scoring smartness points would have picked something by Auden, Tennyson, or Whitman, who is the Simpsons’ greatest punchline, to use as an example of an elegy in his review.

Hey Frosty, how about some snow, man?


After a bit of digging, I found something that is simultaneously contemporary and historical as an example. You’ll have to wait for the review to find out what it is. Sufficed to say, I now have reason to believe that everything we’ve done amid internet culture was already done in 16th century Paris. At the very least, the Parisian culture of five-hundred years ago was so in tune with urban alienation and ennui that it cut to the bone of a future it was incapable of imagining.

Remember this production dairy, dear friends, because all of this hype is going to pay off in spectacular fashion.

In terms of actual productivity, I managed about 400 words of review writing after finishing my second screening/intensive note taking session on Ganymede Elegy. I’ll finish up the rest of the review tomorrow. Yes, I could power through it tonight, but it has also been two days since I’ve played BattleTech. If you were in my shoes, you would make the same choice.

Episodes Viewed77%
Drafts Written73%
Reviews in the Can0%

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