Adios, Cowboy – Arc 1 – Day 7

Holy shit, there are even more Macross missiles in episode 4. Macross missiles make me unbelievably happy. I should find out if there’s a fire control system that exists within contemporary military technology that could support a Macross-class barrage of guided missiles. There you have it, I’m embarking on a production journal side quest. Huzzah!

On the off-chance someone reading this doesn’t know what I mean when I talk about Macross missiles…

My notes on episode four are filled with questions like, “Is Spike really this dumb?” and “Dear god, can’t someone else write about Faye and the male gaze?” I guess I’ll find during tomorrow’s writing session on that last point. Really, though, can’t someone else do it? Can I pretend I’m not noticing the leering camera pans amid light bondage?

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