Adios, Cowboy – Arc 1 – Day 19

How the hell do I follow-up on yesterday’s screenplay? Today’s production diary has nowhere to go but down.

Think, Adam. Think, think, think.

The camera on my phone is busted, so I can’t default to uploading pictures of my adorable sleeping cats.

There are only so many ways to dress up a word count post.

Oh, okay, how about this. How about paragraph on the new Lost in Space series on Netflix. Yeah, there’s a good idea.

Has anybody else noticed that the people throwing the most shade at this show are old white men who grew up thinking they could be Will Robinson? I further suspect these old white men are using the relative “hardness” of the contemporary series’ science fiction as a way of slagging the show off without saying what they really feel. I think their asses feel chapped because of the “audacity” of a story that dismantles the cultural hegemony of a sacred cow. They don’t care about hard science. They are complaining because Lost in Space (2018) puts a bunch of smart women front and center while deconstructing the inevitable outcomes of the original Lost in Space; therein, Don would have married child bride Penny, Maureen would have stabbed John in his sleep, and the entire family would have turned a blind eye as Smith started calling Will his “special boy.”

It is a glass fucking house to talk about hard sci-fi in Lost in Space. Doing so opens the door for the likes of yours truly to talk about things like…

penny monkey

Penny’s space monkey that was just a monkey in a monkey suit…

whatever the fuck this was

Whatever the fuck this is…

the paper mache space devil

What passed for LARPing in the 60s…


Or that The thing you wish you hadn’t clicked on PornHub.

Nor should we forget the tautness of the December 13, 1967 Lost in Space episode, Two Weeks in Space where Doctor Smith turns the Jupiter 2 into a hotel and high-jinks ensue. I’m amazed they didn’t break that one out into a two-parter.

But please, go on with telling me about the gilded stories of your childhood.

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