Street Judges, Satire, and American Cops

A new intersection in real life and science fiction: there was no indictment in the death…no…let’s try again with the proper language. There was no indictment in the murder of Sandra Bland. It would seem that American cops can, indeed, kill you for looking at them sideways.

Bearing this in mind, I think we can add Judge Dredd to the list of satire that America has transformed into a best-case scenario (also see: Robocop, 1987). Judge Dredd, which began as a comic strip lambasting American police powers, doesn’t seem quite so bad anymore. At least Street Judges don’t kill a person for mouthing off and refusing to comply. In fact, a Street Judge who killed a citizen of Meg 1 in a fit of pique would lose their shield and spend about 50 years in an isocube.

In America, it’s totally justified.

5/5, American cops; I would rather deal with a fictional cop empowered to deliver summary justice without due process than one of you. Because at least the Street Judges know how to show a little restraint when confronted with a person whose greatest crime is being uncooperative.

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