Naughty John – A Seasonal X-Com Fanfic

Hello. Has it been a fuck of a year or what?

For the last few Christmas Eves I’ve tweeted out my seasonal X-Com fanfic, Naughty John, for your reading pleasure.

This year I decided to mix it up, and offer the story for your listening pleasure. So for all six of you who clicked the link from Twitter and are seeing these words, I give you Adam Shaftoe’s Naughty John as “performed” by Adam Shaftoe.

I really should have said the name out loud a few times before committing to this bit.

Also if you like what you hear here, be sure to check out Android Dreams, a cyberpunk RPG podcast that is almost always published with greater QA and editing than that other Cyberpunk thing people are talking about. We also have dance battles and a super smart rat. Like Splinter, from Ninja Turtles but different. It’s a good thing.

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