Where to Find Adam at Ad Astra 2017

Shaftoe’s back! And if you want to hear me read into The Expanse, or even read one of my terrible stories, then this is where you can find me.

Friday 9pm – Aurora – The Expanse – Grand Science Fiction at its Best

Tune in to see Adam disagree with the premise, just for poops and giggles. For real, though, everybody should be watching The Expanse. I don’t want to live in a world where The 100 doesn’t get cancelled but The Expanse does.

Saturday 11am – Richmond B – The Western: Why is it Still a Thing?

This is what happens when you let history students, like yours truly, pitch panel ideas.

Saturday 12:30-1pm – Markham B – Adam reads a story. For real, original fiction – not a review.

If you’re going to throw vegetables at me, I would request tomatoes in lieu of cabbages.

Saturday 3pm – Oakridges – Androids are Hot (and not just because their fans broke)

This is where I will talk about why Westworld should be called Maveworld. 

Be there, and be schwifty.

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