Adios, Cowboy – Arc 2 – Day 4

Believe it or not, today was an even weirder day for me than yesterday. I’ll spare everyone the details on that front, though.

A quick update on the state of Adios, Cowoby. Yesterday I finished the first draft of the episode 14 review. Pro tip, always get your writing done before the results of an election come in. Once that happens, it’s all stress drinking crappy scotch that you’ve tried to give away but nobody wants. Also, even the most bog-tasting scotch starts to taste good after two or three drinks.

Today, I got through a preliminary screening of episode 15. It was a Faye episode, and it was pretty good. Not as good as episode 14, mind you. However, it went a long way to making Faye seem more human and less a rampaging snark monster.

My optimism is growing, even if it remains a bit guarded.

Episodes Viewed15%
Drafts Written7%
Reviews in the Can0%

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