Adios Cowboy – Arc 2 – Day 20

A thought occurs. One of the things I am going to do before calling this review series officially finished is produce my own machete viewing order for Cowboy Bebop.

Despite what the fanboys scream about in YouTube comments, not all of this show is required reading. Some episodes are absolute clunkers that do nothing more than stand around and look cool. This show is absolutely at its worst when it is trying to be cool.

That said, I should be grateful that Bebop doesn’t do the anime thing of having a “catch-up” episode/clip show half-way through the series. And if we are going to talk about anime where the number of episodes ordered is in excess of the number of episodes necessary to tell the story, then we should probably buckle-in for a chat about Dragon Ball Z. Even Attack on Titan, a show whose return I am awaiting with great anticipation, spent too long faffing about during the back nine of its first season. Remember the episode that was basically Eren riding a horse for 22 minutes and thinking about if he would turn into his titan form? That one was not so good.

My goal for this weekend was to have up to episode 20 reviewed. I probably would have got there if I hadn’t spent half of the day cleaning, organizing, and shredding the last six months of clutter build-up on, around, and under my desk. Once I got that finished, I thought, “today is the day I set up the Roomba.”

His name is John McClean.

Rebecca wanted to call it Betsy. Why Betsy? Because my wife is afraid of robots, has a graduate degree in 19th century gender history, and she wanted to assert her dominance over the cleaning bot in a fashion befitting her training. Therein, English women would not sully their thoughts with the actual names of their household staff. Instead, they would simply refer to every maid as Betsy as a way of demonstrating social hierarchy.

I…I like John McClean.

Episodes Viewed54%
Drafts Written46%
Reviews in the Can0%

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