Adios, Cowboy – Arc 1 – Day 56

Do you know what I did today? I finished substantive edits on the reviews for episode 12 and 13. That’s right, kids, uncle Adam is hitting the home stretch. What’s even better is that I’m still at about 80% confidence on this project not being a steaming pile of Ein poop.

Heh, poop. The best palindrome.

We are now at T-6 days to launch. If you weren’t hyped for this project, and who isn’t hyped for ~15,000 words worth of reviews on half of a twenty-year-old TV show, then it is absolutely time for you to get hyped.

Bearing that in mind, nobody claimed the 48 hour guest pass on Crunchyroll. What’s wrong with you people? You know you can watch anime other than Cowboy Bebop with it, right? You could watch Space Battleship Yamato 2199/2202. Real talk, if I wasn’t already writing about Cowboy Bebop I would be doing weekly reviews of Yamato 2202 as it is rapidly shaping up as one of television’s best deconstructions of the military-industrial complex and gunboat imperialism. If you like space opera and you are not watching Yamato 2199/2202 then you are missing out. Looking at you, Derek. Watching Star Blazers back in the 80s does not count.

I live in anticipation of the day Derek reads this production diary and a post like this blows his mind.

Anyway, here’s the free pass that is still up for grabs. And once this one gets claimed, I have two more to give away. Click here to get to Crunchyroll.

crunchroll pass

Episodes Viewed100%
Drafts Written100%
Reviews in the Can90%

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