Adios, Cowboy – Arc 1 – Day 52

Today was a hell of a productive day. I rolled out of bed, watched some Brooklyn 9-9, and then tucked into squaring away the reviews for episode 6 and 7, as well as the interlude review. And then I thought, why not press on to the review of episode 8?

Eight’s review still needs a bit more work, but it should be cleaned up and put to bed by the end of tomorrow’s efforts. Who knew that a person could be so productive when they didn’t need to spend ten hours at work before investing some time on their passion project?

Today’s work also reminded me of how much I like episode 8 of Cowboy Bebop. In terms of structure, there’s nothing new going on in it compared to past episodes. The relationship between Spike and Roco, however, really stuck the landing. It’s probably the most emotionally resonant episode I’ve seen so far – this is  excluding the one where Faye is a total asshole to Ein. That one is a master class in pissing off the audience.

For real, though, what sort of asshole do you have to be to deny food to a hungry dog? I’m my own special kind of asshole, and all a dog has to do is look at me and I’ll give it a snack.

Here’s a random thing, how would you like a Crunchyroll premium guest pass? Well if you’re the first person to read this then here you go. Thanks for coming back day after day to check in on this project.

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