Adios, Cowboy – Arc 1 – Day 50

Well that was a nice little break from things. Did you miss me? Of course you missed me. How could you not miss my daily, late-night brain dumps?

Since I’m still on vacation from work – and most of the stresses of the daily grind – but no longer daytime drinking like it’s my job, I want to try and use my time to get ahead of the curve on editing for this project. To that end, I used today to work through some more edits on episode 5 and then pushed into substantive and line edits for episode 6. At this point, I think episode 5 is in the can, and episode 6 shouldn’t need much more than a couple more passes for flow and typos.

My big challenge at this point is not letting present-Adam’s thoughts on the show worm their way too far into past-Adam’s thoughts and interpretations. Half the reason why I wanted to release these reviews in a large block was to give myself the time to properly screen and reflect on each episode and capture my episode-by-episode feelings on Cowboy Bebop. It is an unexpected challenge to keep present-Adam’s thoughts partitioned from where the show makes Past-Adam wonder what the hell is going on.

In theory, and assuming I maintain today’s pace for the rest of this week, I could have up to episode 12 in the can before I have to go back to work next Tuesday. Mind you, practice seldom holds up to theory. I think I’ll set myself a goal of having episode 10 squared away before this vacation is over.

Episodes Viewed100%
Drafts Written100%
Reviews in the Can40%

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