Adios, Cowboy – Arc 1 – Day 39

Friday night productivity, because I’m an adult. An adult who made steak and French fries for dinner. An adult who still eats like he’s in his 20s. Then again, I was poor in my 20s and never bought steak. You know, this whole bit seemed so much better in my head. I’m sorry. But also, it’s half past ten and I don’t feel like starting this production diary over from scratch. Fuck it. Ship it. Am I right?

Tonight’s actual productivity included line edits on Stray Dog Strut and a first pass at substantive edits on Honky Tonk Woman. I left in the part about Dan Harmon, but I took out the part about how I’ve spent my life trying to avoid reading Goethe. I’m saddened to see that bit end up in the refuse pile. As compensation, I moved up a very cutting zinger at the expense of Ryan Gosling to the start of the review.

That’s right, Gosling, I took a swipe at your stupid handsome face and dreamy eyes. I don’t care that you make smart movies and are a strong character actor. Ryan Reynolds is still my favourite Canadian Ryan. Yes, even after Green Lantern.

Episodes Viewed100%
Drafts Written100%
Reviews in the Can16%

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