Adios, Cowboy – Arc 1 – Day 28

Well I’m pissed off. I had plans for today. Glorious plans to write my review of episode 11 and then go to the gym.

Would you like to know what actually happened when I got home from work? I came home to find the internet wasn’t working. I troubleshot my home network for about four hours, going so far as to call tech support. Tech support sent me to the mall (shudder) to get a new power cable for my modem.




“Sometimes power cables go bad, Mr. Shaftoe.”

“Son, do you know how many power cables I’ve had go bad on me in my 36 years on this planet? None.”

“Well this could be the first time.”

Now imagine Ron Howard narrating this scene and saying, “It wasn’t.”

The problem was a surge protector that has the stupidest placement for its GFI switch, which had somehow been thrown. This powered down everything plugged into it, but the power light remained green on the protector.

I was swapping out cables, testing hard wire connections, and pinging websites through the command prompt. The problem was a fucking switch. A stupid fucking switch that somehow got tripped despite no power outages in my apartment and no obvious signs of a power surge.

Sufficed to say, no writing was done tonight. There were a few tantrums and a borderline meltdown as I felt myself being crushed under the oppressive absurdity of the situation – something so contrived it belongs in the screenplay of an 90s TGIF comedy.

Let’s try this again tomorrow.

Episodes Viewed85%
Drafts Written77%
Reviews in the Can0%

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