Adios, Cowboy – Arc 1 – Day 12

Today was the day of the great southern Ontario ice storm. Naturally, the power went out in my building for six hours in advance of the storm actually hitting Niagara. In the immortal words of Side Sow Bob, “yaaaghrrhhhhhh.”

sideshow bob rakes

On the heels of Ballad of Fallen Angels, episode six is a comparatively dull affair. Unless some brilliant flash of insight strikes me between now and tomorrow after breakfast, I expect my review of Symphony for the Devil isn’t going to be the most interesting thing I’ve done on this project.

Mind you, this episode has led to my developing a new, longshot theory about Cowboy Bebop. I think Faye may prove to be the ultimate antagonist. Only a true monster, the kind of monster befitting Geralt of Rivia, would take out a tin of dog food, shit talk the dog, and then eat all of the dog food herself. Even Mad Max knew to share.

Episodes Viewed46%
Drafts Written38%
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